Fumana Repairs Policy

Your Fumana jewellery comes with a six-month warranty against any established manufacturing error, or damage incurred from normal wear. All issues will be assessed thoroughly by Fumana jewellers, and any judgement concerning the eligibility of any warranty is final.

Fumana jewellers take pride in servicing and repairing their own work, and any third-party jeweller brought in by the client to assess and perform any work on Fumana jewellery will nullify any warranty attached.

Any shipping costs that may be required for repairs or services must be covered by the client, and may be reviewed by the Fumana team after assessing the jewellery’s condition.

We recommend getting your Fumana jewellery evaluated once a year for insurance purposes and general peace of mind. Fumana offers annual valuations for a specified fee.

Please enquire for further details if you’re interested! For repairs and service-related queries please direct your mails to info@fumana.africa