Find a Jeweller

The most accurate way to get your ring size is to pop into your local jeweller to get the size of your finger measured by a professional. If you aren’t able to do this, you can make use of this basic guide:

*Please note the following method is a rough guide and should be used for estimation purposes only. The customer is liable for any incorrect measurements given. Please refer to our Return policy for more info.

Basic Guide
First check with your local jeweller. If that isn’t possible, make use of our handy Ring Size Sheet along with this technique for a best-guess scenario:
  1. Wrap some string around the base of the finger you’d like the ring on.
  2. With a pen, mark the point where the end of the string meets itself.
  3. Unwrap the string from your finger and measure from the end to the mark you made.
  4. Pick the closest measurement on the Ring Size Sheet

We Use UK Sizing

We use the UK ring size standard. When placing an order please convert the size and provide us with the appropriate (UK) sizing. Use our handy Ring Size Sheet to calculate.