What is my ring size?

First check with your local jeweller. If that isn’t possible, make use of our handy Ring Size Sheet along with this technique for a best-guess scenario:
  1. Wrap some string around the base of the finger you’d like the ring on.
  2. With a pen, mark the point where the end of the string meets itself.
  3. Unwrap the string from your finger and measure from the end to the mark you made.
  4. Pick the closest measurement on the Ring Size Sheet

Can I view Fumana jewellery in-store?

No. Fumana is exclusively online.
What is the difference between Sterling Silver, 9ct and 18ct?

Sterling Silver – A silver alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Copper is added to harden the silver, making it more durable.

9ct – 37.5% gold with base metals such as silver, copper, zinc and palladium to make up the different colours of 9ct gold.

18ct –75% gold with base metals such as silver, copper, zinc and palladium to make up the different colours of 18ct gold.
What does Fumana mean?

Fumana is derived from the Xhosa word Fumanisa, meaning to find or discover. When last did you find something that excites you?
What if I order the wrong ring size?

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do. We therefore urge you to take extra care when establishing what your ring size is, preferably securing the services of a professional jeweller to do so. Fumana will not be held liable for incorrect orders.

Ring Size Sheet
May I request a commission

Yes! Please get in touch with Fumana and let us know what jeweller you are interested in.
Can I get a piece engraved?

Engraving is a beautiful way to commemorate jewellery, but is only possible on some pieces. Please tick Engraving on checkout and we will be in touch to discuss possibilities and prices.

Local Shipping We offer free local shipping with no minimum spend amount.

International Shipping International shipping is via courier and quoted at the time of the order. It is incumbent on the customer to pay this fee.

Delivery Duration Once payment is cleared it will take 3 - 7 working days for the courier to deliver your purchase to your door in South Africa. International shipments may take a further 7 days due to Customer Clearance.

High-Volume Seasons High-volume seasons like December may require an additional 2 working days.

COVID-19 Depending on the COVID-19 preventative measures in place at any given time by governing bodies, delivery times may be proportionately affected.

Return Provisions If you are not satisfied with your Fumana purchase, you may return the items provided that:
  1. Fumana is notified within 7 days of the purchase being delivered.
  2. The jewellery has not been worn.
  3. The item is in its original packaging.
Inspection and Validation Fumana will only refund a returned item once we have inspected the piece and validated the reason for its return.

Courier Costs The customer is liable for the courier fees involved in collecting the item.

Courier Usage For insurance reasons Fumana will only make use of its own courier services for collecting returned items.

Customer Liability The customer will be held fully liable if:
  1. The incorrect address is provided.
  2. The incorrect size is ordered.
  3. The incorrect item is ordered.



You have the option to pay via EFT at the end of your check out process. Your invoice will be sent through to your email address and you will have 60 minutes in which to provide a proof of payment before the order expires. You’ll need to send your proof of payment through to info@fumana.africa to confirm your order. Once the payment has cleared, your order will be loaded for delivery to your nominated address.

What if I don’t provide a proof of payment within 60 minutes? The order gets cancelled and prices refreshed for you to re-do your checkout.

Card Payments

We welcome payment via credit card or debit card through our Payfast Internet Payment Gateway. The fees associated with the use of the payment gateway will be added to the total cost of the order with no additional cost added by MetCon.

Your Fumana jewellery comes with a six-month warranty against any established manufacturing error, or damage incurred from normal wear. All issues will be assessed thoroughly by Fumana jewellers, and any judgement concerning the eligibility of any warranty is final.

Fumana jewellers take pride in servicing and repairing their own work, and any third-party jeweller brought in by the client to assess and perform any work on Fumana jewellery will nullify any warranty attached.

Any shipping costs that may be required for repairs or services must be covered by the client, and may be reviewed by the Fumana team after assessing the jewellery’s condition.

We recommend getting your Fumana jewellery evaluated once a year for insurance purposes and general peace of mind. Fumana offers annual valuations for a specified fee.

Please enquire for further details if you’re interested! For repairs and service-related queries please direct your mails to info@fumana.africa

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